Other Initiatives

The Circular Money initiative does not stand alone in its quest to change our dominant monetary system into something that works for all of us and not just for the lucky few. It’s also not the goal to become the next dictatorial system to rule the world. We collaborate with people who created their own systems and views. With some we have close partnerships such as with Michael Linton from Open Money and Bruno Delpierre from Happonomy. With others we have inspiring chats. Some we discovered and want to mention for the sake of diversity.

This page lists related initiatives. We grouped them together in categories. If your project is on the list and you feel like you’re in the wrong category, please let us know.

The lists are given without judgement or preference. It’s up to you to explore.

Alternative currencies

These are all projects which are working with some kind of alternative currency. The one most people know about is probably BitCoin but there are lots more! Here’s a non complete list:

Digital currency platforms

Every digital currency runs on a platform. Here are some options to use.

Gifting economies

Economies can also work without the intervention of money. You already do it with your friends when exchanging favors. Here are some initiatives who look at how this could be implemented on a larger scale.

Systemic change projects

The monetary system is a very crucial part of the system which is called a society. It’s not the only one though. These projects take a broader look on the whole.

Projects looking for support

There is one sad truth which everyone who is working on creating a new economic ecosystem faces: the bootstrap problem. In order to put together the tools for the next economic systems we either need people to join the system, volunteers who donate their time and skills and/or money in order to pay the people with the necessary skills to do the work.

If you feel you want to make a contribution or join in, contact the project of your choice. We’re all in this together.

Get included

If you are working on your own initiative or you know of a project that is related to this, let us know. We are always open for a chat and we welcome diversity.

This is not about being right, it’s about learning from each other, opening our perspectives and helping each other strengthen our systems with supportive criticism. And yes, trying to poke a (well argumented) hole in a system is support too because it will help strengthening it too.