CMee is now a project under Happonomy. The contents of this site will soon move there. The url will remain active and will redirect to the CMee section on the Happonomy site once the move is completed.

You probably already heard the term circular economy. The idea to re-use waste in our production processes, thereby creating a sustainable economy which does not exhaust our planetary resources and which doesn’t pollute our air, water and soil. We at Circular Money are proponents of this idea and we believe something is missing. You guessed it: a circular monetary system.

More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that we are trying to establish a circular economy on an inherently non circular monetary system. We believe that this creates non necessary obstacles that stand in the way of creating that circular economy everyone is striving for.

It doesn’t stop there however. Our current monetary system is influencing us in not so positive ways. For one, people who have just handled money are less willing to share and less willing to help others. This behaviour is noticeable … from the age of 3! Yes, 3 year olds who play with money are afterwards less willing to share and less willing to help others. This does not happen when you let them play with candy, something that would arguably be more desirable to them than money.

If you add to that all the destructive activities that are done for monetary gain (clearcutting, polluting, war, human trafficking, …) we are looking at a pretty bleak picture. In short, our current monetary system is driving our society off the proverbial cliff.

This is not because of money in itself however but because of the way our money flows through our society, caused by how the current monetary system has been designed. There are plenty of examples where a different kind of money causes people to look after each other more. Most of these alternative currencies are small scale and act on a local basis. This is good but not enough. We need an alternative on a larger scale. And that is our goal: to offer an alternative that is scalable up to a global level.

For more details, have a look at the white paper.

Co-create the next economy with us

We’re not stopping there. We don’t believe in the next centrally governed monetary monopoly. The economy and the money that is used in it belongs to all of us and we should all have a say in it. To achieve that CMee will not be centrally governed. You all have a say in it.

CMee aims to give the control of the monetary system over to its users. That means everyone can determine their own preference in how much the basic income for everyone should be, what the savings limit for everyone should be and what the monthly demurrage fee for everyone should be. On rollout the average of everyone’s input will be taken. Every year, on your birthday you will receive an email with the invitation to adjust your choices should you want to.

This ensures that CMee can not be hijacked by a small group of people and the core of the system remains in the hands of the users.

The value of one coin in CMee is the equivalent of 1 coin in your local currency system.

Right now this is a simulation. We still invite you to enter your choices because it will help us to start building a community around this idea.

You will not be bothered by spam messages, your data will not be given or sold to third parties and you will only receive occasional emails from us if you opt in to the newsletter.